American standard silicone rubber

Main purpose of the product: Energy storage cable refers to the DC-side connection cable connected between the battery cluster and the battery cluster and the converter. It is mainly used in power energy storage systems, mobile energy storage power stations, energy storage demonstration power stations, wind power energy storage systems, peak-regulating energy storage systems, etc. The connection between the battery and the inverter, the BMS connection, etc.;

Rated voltage range: 300V~3300V;

Rated temperature range: -40~200℃;

Conductor material: tinned or bare copper;

Insulation material: silicone rubber;

Flame retardant test: VW-1, FT1 or FT2; 

Environmental protection requirements: comply with RoHS and REACH;

Reference standard: UL758/UL1581.


American standard silicone rubber

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